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During and After Your Stay

During your stay

Various support staff are available at Utrecht University to help you with any questions, support or tailored advice related to your degree that you may need during your studies.

You may turn to the following people for advise:

  1. International Office: for all practical questions related to paperwork of your exchange, housing, working, insurance et cetera.
  2. Course coordinator: for questions relating to the contents of the courses you are enrolled in.
  3. Study Advisor: for complex questions or problems relating to study planning and progress, personal problems such as home sickness, mental health and so on.
  4. Student Desk Humanities: for more practical questions related to your studies.
Guideline exams missed due to illness or force majeure

In order to qualify for a resit you must make sure you deregister for the test on time (ie. before the exam starts). You should do three things:

  1. Fill in the test de-registration form. The cancellation is confirmed automatically.
  2. Inform the course coordinator of the cancellation by email, for example by forwarding the automatic confirmation received.
  3. Submit proof of illness or force majeure to the Study Advisor within five days of cancellation (such as a doctor’s statement). Include your student number, course name and course code. You can do this by email.

This guideline applies to exams, partial tests, presentations, oral exams, papers or any other form of testing.

At Utrecht University, we expect a certain standard of both students and staff. Please read our Code of Conduct. Students at Utrecht University…

  • Behave honestly and respectfully towards each other and towards members of staff
  • Perform to the best of their abilities by actively participating in teaching and extracurricular activities
  • Respect each other’s possessions and are careful when making use of university facilities
  • Enable lecturers and students to teach and learn under optimal conditions

Contact details

For course and study related matters, you can go to the Student Desk of the Faculty of Humanities, which is located on Drift 10.

  • Email: studentdesk.hum@uu.nl
  • Regular opening hours: Monday through Friday from 11-15h.

If you need to meet with a study advisor, you can go to one of the walk in hours on Muntstraat 2a (Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri from 11-12h) or make an appointment with the study advisor through the Student Desk. You can find further contact details on http://students.uu.nl/en/practical-information/people-buildings-services/faculty-student-desks.

If you have questions about practical matters or you have documents that must be signed (such as arrival/departure certificates or learning agreements),  please contact the International Office.

After your stay

Within 5-6 weeks after the end of the semester, we will send the Transcript of Records to your home university. Please note, that all courses that you are registered for in Osiris Student, will be shown on your Transcript.